The Evolving Education Industry

To say that COVID-19 has impacted our lives would be an understatement – this pandemic has changed the world as we know it. And at the center of those most affected, may also be the ones who might not fully understand it. While children have shown incredible resilience, the pandemic has posed unique challenges for adolescents growing up during this time, especially when it comes to education. With countless disruptions to a child’s standard education, how can we ensure children will stay on track developmentally? 

At the start of the pandemic, Shannon Saldutti asked herself that very question, and answered with a solution. This spring, she founded Foundations by Shannon, her very own tutoring and educational assistance service. Students receive specialized and focused tutoring services, designed to reiterate what students have learned in their virtual classrooms. In addition, Shannon develops tailored educational programming for students with Special Education needs. Although the pandemic has led to endless challenges for students and teachers alike, Shannon says she’s continuing to learn while evolving to this new environment. She shares her story of being an educator and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic on this week’s episode of Yuptown.

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