Fueling Female Founders

Elise Crawford Gallagher is the CEO and founder of RINGLET, an integrated marketing agency with a mission to empower female entrepreneurs and small business owners to dream big.

Many owners, female entrepreneurs in particular, voiced to Elise that they needed a marketing agency with inclusive, cohesive services to achieve their goals for growth. Elise quickly realized the importance of a strategic integrated marketing plan for small businesses, and slowly started to build a team committed to serving female owners in the D.C. area.

After learning that just 2% of women-owned businesses earned over $1 million dollars in annual revenue, Elise knew she had to continue to expand her reach in the female entrepreneur community. In response to this statistic, Elise and her business partner, Claire Conway, established RINGLET Resources, a digital subscription offering stock photos, prompts, and even short classes that enable female entrepreneurs to authentically connect with customers, and effectively scale their businesses. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Elise share her RINGLET story!

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