Public Policy and the Evolving Healthcare Industry

We all may have made plans for last year, and for the one ahead, but the global pandemic changed everything. For one determined New York City nurse, it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her educational and career goals.

Erin Hartman is a Penn Graduate in Nursing with a passion for public policy work. After spending a year on the ground working in a New York City Emergency Department, Erin felt called to pursue a career in public policy with a focus on health. Erin hopes to tackle health crises from all angles, from the forefront in the ER, to the decisions shaping health policy.

While working her demanding, high-stress job as a nurse, Erin applied and was accepted to a Master’s program with University of York in York, England While there are plenty of challenges to online schooling, Erin has found the benefits to virtual not only in the classroom, but in medical research. On this week’s episode, we’ll discuss Erin’s experiences as an ER nurse, her interest in and transition to public policy, plus the challenges and opportunities of going virtual.

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